Movie Review 2007 #2: Bewitched

Bewitched is not a movieization of the old TV show in the strictest sense, but is somewhat more metafictional than that. Bewitched is a movie ABOUT the remake of the old TV show as a new series, and the havoc that accidentally having a real witch, played by Nicole Kidman, as the new Samantha causes.

Will Farrell plays Jack Wyatt, an egotistical movie star whose last movie has tanked so badly, that taking the role of Darrin in a remake of Bewitched seems like a good career move. In the meantime, Isabel, played by Nicole Kidman, is a real life witch whose attempts to acculturate with normal society results in a chance meeting with Jack, and the role of Samantha in the remake.
Comedy ensues.
Its not a comedic gem by any means, but I do think the movie was somewhat maligned. While, certainly, the limits and abilities of the witches (and warlocks) could have been better designed and delineated, the movie has some appealing qualities to it. The methods Michael Caine, playing Isabel’s father, uses to contact his daughter are amusing, ranging from speaking from a frozen fish stick box to inserting commercials into TV broadcasts. Kidman is wonderful in a comedy role for a change, and while its hard to see what Isabel really sees in Jack, the movie is best a light diversion to laugh at and with. Shirley MacLaine, Steve Carrell, and David Alan Grier all have small parts as well, and there even is a cameo by Steven Colbert.
Who could say no to that?