Movie Review 2007 #29: Clue

I’ve seen bits of it before, but finally have seen the entire film, with a cast that includes Tim Curry, Martin Mull and Madeline Kahn. I decided to rent it because we were referencing it in some emails regarding a PBEM I am in (Time Under Chaos).

You’ve played the board game, and here is the movie. Several strangers, all brought together under pseudonyms based on the board game pieces are brought to a mysterious house under mysterious auspices. With Tim Curry as the butler Wadsworth, the evening is soon revealed to be a revelation of old secrets and blackmail by the pun-named “Mr Boddy”. Mr Boddy soon turns up dead, and its not at all clear who killed him…since all have motive, method and opportunity. As others visit the House and meet the same fate, the movie runs at a frentic pace of comedy, wordplay and fun between the actors.
When the movie came out in theaters, there were three possible endings on who did it, and theaters randomly showed one of the endings. The DVD allows you to see all three. I don’t want to reveal the endings, although they are, IMO, unequal in comedic value and revelatory nature.
But who did it is really besides the point. The movie thrives on the chemistry between the actors, one liners and physical comedy making this a lighthearted and very funny movie.
To make a long story short…

“Too late!”

I highly enjoyed this movie. While not all of the actors are at equal levels, the overall quality of the performances is high. I was quite entertained.