Oscar Winners 2007

Congradulations to the 2007 Oscar Winners!
Some of the Major Winners:
Best Picture: The Departed
Best Director: Martin Scorcese, The Departed.

At long last Martin gets his Oscars. Departed also won for adapted screenplay and Editing.
Best Actor: Forest Whitaker, Last King of Scotland.
I was hoping O’Toole would win (funny enough, I watched The Lion in Winter to try and give him some mojo yesterday) but I’ve heard very good things about Whitaker’s performance.
Best Actress: Helen Mirren, The Queen
I hadn’t heard of any serious challenges to her win ever since she was nominated.
Best Supporting Actor: Alan Arkin, Little Miss Sunshine.
I suppose the Academy couldn’t give an Oscar to Eddie Murphy, or they wanted to give LMS something.
Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson, Dreamgirls.
Like Helen above, it seemed pre-ordained since she was nominated. She lost American Idol…but won an Oscar. Not a bad trade.
Best Animated Feature: Happy Feet.
Disappointed. I was hoping Cars would win.
Best Documentary: An Inconvenient Truth
Lose the White House, win the Oscar for Al. Not such a good trade. It also won for Best Original Song.
Best Foreign Film: The Lives of Others
How Pan’s Labyrinth lost I’ll never know. Pan’s Labyrinth did win a Cinematography Oscar.