Another quiet weekend. NOBILIS is

Another quiet weekend.
NOBILIS is being pushed back to January, or even more likely, February. Arrgh! The closer we get to the publication date, the faster it recedes…sort of like a perverse Zeno’s Achilles and the Tortoise paradox. Or the speed of light.
However, the other day I picked up AGONE. You can tell that its a translation (from
France), but its very interesting thus far. Mythic, Epic fantasy. Baroque. The artwork in the book definitely is keeping in theme. The meat of the book is not bad thus far, although there are holes (as always). The character generation system is sort of like White Wolf. No dice during character creation, but d10’s for skills and such. I’m usually more interested in milieus, concepts and so forth than rules. Harmundia (the name of the game world) would make an interesting shadow for Amber. The reason why I picked up AGONE was that I had heard about it on the Nobilis list sometime back (and someone mentioned it would be an interesting world on Ygg). I had not seen it in a store until the other day when I saw it in the Compleat Strategist. I bought it on the spot. I shall miss the Strategist when I move west…there is really no other store like it in physical reality. Of course with the internet, its not so bad as it was, say, ten years ago, when options to buy RPG stuff was really limited and I could see people making long trips to stores like the CS. Now, its a click to Wizard’s Attic or any number of places.
Still, browsing a store has its merits.
I did a graphic for SB which represents the schedule of events in the “Festival of the Unicorn”. I might put it online once more players get into the day.