Books Read 2007 to date 5/20/07

25. Sweet Silver Blues (Glen Cook)
24. After the Dinosaurs: The Age of Mammals (Donald Prothero)
23.Brave New Words: The Oxford Dictionary of SF (Jeff Prucher)
22. In the Hall of the Martian King (John Barnes)
21. Ships of Air (Martha Wells)
20. Queen of Zamba ( L Sprague De Camp)
19.Sky of Swords A Novel of the King’s Blades (Dave Duncan)
18.Parallel Worlds (Michio Kaku)
17.Quantum Gravity: Keeping it Real (Justina Robson)
16.Orphans of Chaos (John C Wright)
15. Blindsight (Peter Watts)
14. Paragaea (Chris Roberson)
13. House of Chains (Steven Erikson)
12.Maskerade (Terry Pratchett)
11.The Ghost Brigades (John Scalzi)
10.The Jack Vance Treasury (Jack Vance)
9.Quantumscapes (Stephan Martiniere)
8.Quantum Dreams (Stephan Martiniere)
7.Viriconium (M John Harrison_
6.Old Man’s War (John Scalzi)
5.The Scent of Shadows ( Vicki Pettersson)
4.The Greatest Time Travel Stories of the 20th Century (Martin Greenberg)
3.From Homer to Hadrian (Robin Lane Fox)
2.Carnival (Elizabeth Bear)
1. Souls in the Great Machine (Sean McMullen)