Mundane SF Manifesto

Kathryn Cramer: Rudy Rucker Attacks the Mundane SF Manifesto!
The linkage on this can be tricky. I did originally read the SFSignal entry which linked to the Kathryn Cramer article linked above which mentions Rudy Rucker’s entry.
The Mundane SF movement, in my opinion, even with the best of intentions, comes across as an attack on the “sensawunda” that is the main reason that I read SF. I don’t say that Mundane SF as a whole does this, but the Manifesto seems to want to reduce SF to more technothriller than fantastic.
It reminds me, oddly, of the luddite American populace in Phil Dick’s novel “Time Out of Joint” who are convinced that One Happy World is better than the Moon (and by extension the rest of the universe).