Flash Gordon Episode Three

Why precisely I am still watching this show? I don’t know. Perhaps documenting the show from start to finish for posterity?
Spoilers abound.

In this episode, Flash’s Best Friend returns, in time to get stung by an alien bug which has gone through an unintentional rift from Mongo to Earth. Dale is forced to make him miserable at the wedding to keep him alive while Flash and Baylin search for a cure…
This was not much of an improvement over Episode 2. The concept is lame and cliched and while the basic idea had lots of potential (alien bugs come through to Earth), it was watered down and denuded of all drama. Instead of dealing with a real crisis, we get painful scenes of Dale acting like a b!tch at a wedding to keep Flash’s Best Friend alive. On top of that we get castrating women, more Planet of the Dark Corridors, and people acting stupid.
Segway Guy is still more interesting than Ming and had more screen time(!) I didn’t buy the artifact hall at all–is there no such thing as security alarms? Having Aura waltz in and take one of the pieces without disabling any alarms (or Flash doing that for that matter) seemed very wrong. And how did she get free of Flash tying her up so quickly? There was a hint of an idea of Flash owing Aura for the privilege of taking him to get the artifact. I think the episode could have worked much better with Aura forcing Flash to hold to that, and skipping the “Escape from the Water Treatment Plant” sequence.
Having Baylin “come in out of the cold” and then turn around and get outed as a deserter immediately thereafter was a poor use of her character. Again, the writers are missing opportunities left, right and center in this show.
Previews for the next episode suggest that its another “invader through a rift from Mongo”. I said it in previous reviews that this concept of the small town continually beset is just not going to hold up on the long run. Force Zarkov, Dale, Baylin and Flash to *stay* on Mongo for a few episodes. Let’s see more of Mongo and less of British Columbia.

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  1. lmao @ Segway Guy. I just got that. That’s hilarious!
    What are you talking about? Looking at British Columbia is why I’m still watching. I’m gonna make it to Vancouver one of these days.

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