Help me populate a F/SF football league

One of the games I play is the stat based computer game Front Office Football.
Its a lot of fun, even if its mostly numbers. There is no joystick control a la Madden or its rivals. On the other hand the career mode is deep. You can play year after year of a league of your making and i have done so.
It occurred to me today that I could have fun starting a new league, with a draft for imaginary teams. I briefly flirted with world cities without teams, and then a better idea struck me, one that *you* can help me with.
2 Conferences, 16 teams in each conference. With a little creativity, I can change city names and locations and make imaginary places. And since I could start with a draft so that all teams started equal…
Well, I could have 32 teams taken from fantasy and science fiction.
Where you can help me is with suggestions. Site in a world plus a name for the team would be great.
For example:
The Babylon 5 Starfuries
The Amber Royals
The Traken Keepers
I open the floor for suggestions. Help Populate my league!

4 thoughts on “Help me populate a F/SF football league”

  1. Alright! I get first crack. Some I have used in the past some are new. Let’s see…
    The Arrakis Sandmen
    The Commonwealth Legends
    The Transelvanian Transvestites (The Cheerleaders have a great halftime show)
    The Miranda Reavers (Not great on defense but their offence is Killer)
    The Zanti Misfits
    The Edoras Rohirrim
    The Gallifreian Time Lords
    The Florin Brute Squad

  2. Brand New, never used.. still Minty Fresh!
    The Homlett Halflings
    The Krondor Princes
    The Camelot Knights
    The Trantor Beauracrats
    The Deva Dmons
    The Isengard Wizards (Or the Hogsmead Wizards)
    The Capra Vipers
    The Loch Shiel Highlanders
    The Thermia Questerians
    The Cicely Eskimos (Or The Mystery Eskimos)
    The Gotham Crimefighters
    The Arkam Criminals (Great Rivery there but they tend to cheat)

  3. Hi. Just stumbled upon your blog. I love two of your three original examples. Babylon 5 is all-time favorite show, and I’m assuming Amber Royals is a reference to Roger Zelazny’s Amber Chronicles, one of my favorite book series.
    Here are some more suggestions (I admit half of them aren’t that great):
    Babylon 5
    The Babylon 5 Rangers
    The Centauri Regents
    The Drazi Greens
    The Drazi Purples
    The Minbari Workers
    The Narn Bodyguards
    The Pak’ma’ra Singers
    The Psi-Corps Bloodhounds
    The Vorlon Inquisitors
    The Ancient Ascenders
    The Asgard Clones
    The Asgard Greys
    The Atlantis Dwellers
    The Goa’uld Symbiotes
    The Jaffa Warriors
    The Jaffa Primes
    The Ori Priors
    The Replicator Bugs
    The Stargate Puddlejumpers
    The Tauri Generals
    The Tokra Hosts
    The Wraith Hivers
    Star Trek
    The Bajoran Freedom-Fighters
    The Cardassian Volls
    The Ferengi Traders
    The Klingon Honor-Bound
    The Romulan Schemers
    The Trill Joined
    The 4400
    The 4400 Original-Recipes
    The 4400 Extra-Crispies
    The Promicin Positives
    Battlestar Galactica
    The Battlestar CAGs
    The Caprica Sixes
    The Cylon Raiders
    The Kobol Colonials
    The Fuselage Survivors
    The Lost Islanders
    The Lost Others
    The Lost Tailies
    The Hynerian Dominars
    The Leviathan Starbursts
    The Sebacean Peacekeepers
    The Amberite Patter-Walkers
    The Dworkin Trump-Artists
    The Flora Wolfhounds
    The Logrus Summoners
    The Oberon Offspring
    The Battletech Mechwarriors
    The Firefly Browncoats
    The Quantum Leapers

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