Saw the Harry Potter movie

Saw the Harry Potter movie today.
I made the mistake, as dear Bonnie puts it, of reading the book first…and so I was disappointed in some spots by the movie…but it wasn’t a severe disappointment…far from it! I loved the movie, but do not give it “timeless classic” status. Kids will not be watching this movie endlessly for the next 50 years like, say the Wizard of Oz or Willy Wonka or Star Wars…but it will do very well, very well indeed.
Casting was very good. Alan Rickman IS Professor Snape, suitably malevolent looking for the part. The young actors and actress playing Harry, Ron and Hermione do a generally good job. We don’t see enough of Dumbledore or McGongall to really form a good opinion, in my opinion. The actor playing Hagrid did a good job, though.
Special effects and sets were very well done. I wish they might have contrasted the muggles world with the wizard’s world a little more forcefully, but a lot of the set pieces worked well…the Alley, Gringotts, and of course, Hogwarts itself. Quidditch came out rather well…it could not have been filmed 5 years ago, I am certain, and maintain its believeability. It does look a little more chaotic than in the book, however…a lot less clear on the rules.
Overall, out of five popcorn kernels, I give it four.