TBR 2008 Report

Rather than going into uninteresting minutae about the game, I will be the soul of wit and be relatively brief, rather than extensively and arrantly garrulous.
Pregame: I mentioned previously that I managed to get a ride in with Michael, Ginger and Karen Alfrey. That was a good way to start a low-key con.
Slot 1: Shadow Earth 2020
Small game (3 players), Spirit of the Century rules, PCs were non-Pattern initiated Amberites who were seeking the JOJ…and discovering that Earth had turned into a hellish cyberpunk shadow. As Raollin, investigator son of the Blood, I played straight man to the pyromaniac sorcerer and the shapeshifting son of Caine. Good fun.
Slot 2: The Fiona Affair
My first run game of the con and the only Amber-rules game I participated in. I had the PCs investigate Fiona (and her son’s) disappearance, sending them to a shadow desertifying thanks to a loss of magical equilbrium, and from there, into a version of John Myers Myers The Commonwealth. The PCs met Shakespearean characters, swung through the jungles with Indiana Jones, rode the waves with Captain Barbarossa against a Cthulhuian monster, and more. Once again, I overplotted and cut out stuff. I think I probably should have made the adventure in the Commonwealth longer, but I wanted to show how messed up Fiona’s unexpected departure could be–and the PCs *had* to be cautious.
Slot 3: Fortune’s Fool: Jumping at Shadows
Michael Curry’s SOTC game with zeppelin flying Pirates. I was given Spooky Jim, Navigator and Witch doctor, although I pressed heavily on the later. I managed to get Kevin Allen’s PC to throw a dismembered arm at me for pimping the use of my “special brews” (which did help with an interrogation).
Slot 4: Journey to the Center of Amber
The other game I ran, an SOTC game, with the PCs finding a journal of a long lost relative of an elder Amberite, and taking a long trip to the center of the Earth, finding said PC, dino-men, crystal towers, and oh, a Vampire queen. Again, left out cool bits and probably should have made the climatic stuff in the Castle longer. C’est la vie.
Slot 5: Harry Potter and the Secrets of the Blood.
No system, playing HP characters 10 years after the novels, discovering by accident links between Hogwarts and something much older…including a broken Pattern, Amberites coming out of cards, and the revelation of where the wizardry families came from. I think I played okay as Neville “Plant man” Longbottom. I thought Karen’s portrayal of Draco was great, in particular, and Arlene’s daughter had her first RP experience playing Ginny Weasley.
Sunday after the slots, I had lunch with Brian, Carolyn, Bridgette and a couple of others, and spent time in Michael and Ginger’s get together, too, so I got a good dose of social time all around. It was great to see you all!
And that was the con. I do have ideas for my next con, be it ACUS, TBR or somewhen else.