Exalted: Out of the Labyrinth

Not quite “diaries”, but Scott, playing Kunrad in my Exalted FTF game, has been giving summaries of plots, plans, adventures and agendas. Here is his latest email after Saturday’s game:
> OK, we’re now in the Labyrinth, and we’ll probably be leaving
> by a different route than we entered. One MAJOR bonus of that is
> that if Lord Scythe has an ambush waiting for us on the way back,
> we’re not going back that way. One major downside is that we’ll be
> taking the scenic route back, which isn’t Kunrad’s favorite idea.
> Plans:
> Finish the Labyrinth expedition – Working on it, two more
> locations to go through that we know of. Hopefully it will be a bit
> before we get to the next one, Kunrad burned off 14 motes in that
> fight, which is about 30% of his available motes.
Done. We were too late to rescue our comrades, but not too late to
save them from the Black Exaltation, and we were able to reduce the
Mask’s cohort of Deathknights by another 2. Not to mention the
destruction of 3 Monstrances, which will hurt him badly as well,
forcing him to replace them before he can raise more Abyssals. We are
just not going to be his favorite people in the future, I doubt he’ll
invite us to any masqued balls in Thorns, and I doubt we should accept
if he does. 🙂
> 1) – Go to Yu-Shan for the Calibration Festival (and spread copies
> of the Manifesto about). This will depend on where we are relative
> to a gate to Yu-Shan when we come out of the Underworld. We know
> of one in Nexus, but from the sound of things Cold House is well
> south of Thorns so that may not be the best way to get to Yu-Shan
> (though it likely WOULD be the best way out).
Looks like we’re going to Yu-Shan first, which will work out well
enough. Got to finish up the Manifesto, then, so we can hand Kojak a
copy and slap him on the back. 🙂
> 2) – Return to Great Kills to retrieve our mounts. Kunrad
> certainly doesn’t want to leave Fred to the tender mercies of the
> Abyssals, and I doubt that any one else wants to leave their mount
> there either.
Still on the plan: after Yu-Shan, we exit via Nexus or some other
location even closer to Great Kills and make a QUICK trip back into
the Underworld to retrieve Fred, Czar, and the rest of the mounts.
> [Out here it gets fuzzy, so I’m changing to letters….]
> A) – Pilgrimage to raise Essence. Kunrad’s been saving his EXP of
> late to be in a position post-Yu-Shan to raise his Essence, on the
> theory that more Essence is a good thing and we’ll need more when we
> go back to reclaim the Temple of Sol Invictus in Meru.
This remains an option, and Kunrad now has 29 of the 32 points he
needs to raise his essence.
> B) – More forgework – Kunrad has some plans for various items for
> people (Dragon Iron needs a thunderbolt shield, Anathea and Lorius
> need more potent weapons, Viola needs the jade plates in her buff
> jacket replaced, hearthstone bracers need to be made up (see C),
> Viola needs a Dragon Tear Tiara, etc).
Still an option. Also, if DI wants, a grand daiklave can be made
up. It probably won’t be as good as the one he had in the First Age
(Kunrad’s currently limited to 3-dot artifacts), but if the siren-song
of the two-handed weapon’s calling to him, it can be arranged.
> C) – Find more manses and make them ours – Ideally, all of the
> Solars in the group would have at least 2-3 Hearthstones each, and
> the DBs would have at least 1 each. Having the extra hearthstones
> would be VERY handy in a situation where we need to keep going and
> going and going, not to mention the potential abilities they give.
Definitely still an option, ties in with the research Kunrad and
Anathea were doing in Nexus on 1st Age sites in the Nexus region.
Also, it would not be a surprise at all if there were some old
manses/demenses near the factory cathedral: if that was Charen’s base
of power in the late 1st Age, there likely were others in the area.