Back to the Hugos

Author Sam Jordison, over on the Guardian, is slowly re-reading all of the Hugo Award winners. He most recently excoriated Fritz Leiber’s The Wanderer as being unworthy of having won the award.
Jordison, from what I have seen and tell, is not a deep fan of SF, so his view is not “inside baseball” by any means.
The entries in this series are not apparently tagged consistently, the “Back to the Hugos” tag does not show all of the novels he has read. The overall Books Blog does seem to catch them all, although he is only one of the contributors.
As Cheryl Morgan, and Jonathan Strahan have recently discussed on Twitter, his reviews and views on classic SF is definitely worth your time and attention.

2 thoughts on “Back to the Hugos”

  1. I read the review from that pre-pubescent lazy-eyed nut job and it made me mad. I then went and had the misfortune of reading the review of Way Station by Clifford Simak.
    No, I am sorry Brother. Nothing this Neanderthallian intellectual lightweight says is worth my time or attention. He starts off with some valid points, but then having no grasp of the world in which these stories were written, nor the environment in which they were nominated, or even the reasoning power of a cucumber, wanders around mindlessly bashing anything his instant gratification starved Earl-Gray matter can’t comprehend.

  2. :Chuckles:
    Tell me how you *really* feel?
    I give him some credit for actually trying to read the old novels–even if he, quelle horror, hated “The Big Time”.

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