Exalted on hold: 4e instead

So I have convinced my gaming group to put the Exalted game on hiatus.
There were a couple of reasons for this–mainly I was afraid of burnout, of making the game more of a chore than a pleasure, and I wanted a couple of weeks off.
However, I didn’t want the gaming group to be *idle*. And I wanted to *play*.
So I have imposed and convinced one of my players, who has GMed in the past (and currently is a GM of a couple of games including D&D 3.5) to run us in 4e. He had a preference for 3.5 himself, but a long discussion last Thursday between Scott and I put us firmly in the “no” column. And I have already played 4e with the indiegamers and kind of liked it.
We start in a couple of weeks.