Clark Griswold Vacation Life

You know, I sometimes think Clark Griswold is my accidental inspiration for the things that happen on my adventures.
Maybe these things happen to other people with the same regularity. And maybe I just remember these things and share them more often. Or maybe I just have the darndest luck…
This is a long standing tradition!
Let’s look back in the time machine at a few (mis)adventures…
Like the time my brother drove over 120 MPH in a rented station wagon, trying to outrace cops and nearly flipping the car over by taking an exit ramp at several *times* the rated speed.
Or how about the time my brother and I hiked and used cabs to cross London because the Tube was closed thanks to a IRA threat?
Let’s not forget my trip to New Orleans with my friend Felicia. The fact that we were in a hotel room where the temperature controls were in another room–and the people in that room cooked us good and proper. We eventually had to flee to a motel room in Mississippi.
Or how about the time I was stuck in a plane on a tarmac with friends trying to get back to NY. More common these days of course. It was the phrase “don’t want to sound like rats deserting a sinking ship” by the pilot, upon leaving the plane (and leaving us to wait for a new crew) which *really* put the icing on the experience.