The Mystery of the Goat Lick pictures solved!

As you all know, I have an extensive collection of pictures on Flickr.
Now, some of my pictures are pretty good, and some are popular. None are anywhere near as popular, though, as a couple of pictures I took a few years ago in Glacier National Park at a place called the Goat Lick.

Goat Lick
Originally uploaded by Jvstin

Goat lick valley
Originally uploaded by Jvstin

In a couple of days, I accumulated thousands of hits for these two pictures. I figured it was a glitch or something. They aren’t particular spectacular photos (they are pre-DSLR, too).
Now that its happened again, I’ve discovered what happened. No glitch.
Apparently these pictures have been Digg-ed on a story about a Mountain Goat. This story is apparently popular, and in the context of the story, someone found my Goat Lick pictures as some of the best of the area. And thus, the spate of visits to my pictures.
Weird, huh?