Million Dollar Comic
Via the Hero’s Complex, a copy of Action Comic No. 1, the comic that launched Superman, recently fetched $1 million at auction.
The buyer is anonymous.
I’m gobsmacked. In this day and age with people desperately trying to collect comics, I suspect that it will take hundreds of years for a comic released to day to be anything near as valuable. The value in the Action Comics issue is that it is precisely so rare.
Read on at the Hero’s Complex for how other comics have fared at auction. A hint: the Superman auction is an order of magnitude more than the nearest competition in terms of price…

2 thoughts on “Million Dollar Comic”

  1. Among the things I lost in the basment and moves while I was away in the Army was…
    Vampirella #1 ( $400 )
    Amazing Spiderman #96 ( part of a set from 50 through 127 )
    White Dwarf #1 onward to about 60
    A large number of Kim Mhan and Rodger Moore issues of Dragon magizine.

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