Pres.Obama and the Space Program

So the President has made his announcement regarding the space program…
No more Constellation. Forget the moon. This is a “eat your vegetables” sort of space program vision, with an emphasis on robots, building private industries’ presence in space, and, eventually, a trip to places beyond.
It’s a good plan on paper. Where it is sorely lacking, though is, in the jazz. This proposal is uninspiring, for lack of a better word. For long term goals, it has things I can support. We need a bigger presence in space than just NASA. This plan seems designed toward that end.
But there is nothing here to excite the country. And if you can’t excite the country about space and space exploration–then you are doing it wrong. Period.

One thought on “Pres.Obama and the Space Program”

  1. Did you know that a test flight of the Boeing X-37 is going to happen on Tues Apr 20th?

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