Book Review 2010 #17: Fast Girls

A book of erotica I received for reading and reviewing by the anthology, the prolific Rachel Kramer Bussel…

Fast Girls Erotica for Women”has a title that implies that the audience for the stories in this book is limited to women.
Don’t be fooled.
This heterosexual man found the stories in this collection delicious and very much to my sensibilities and tastes.
Rachel Kramer Bussel has collected a set of stories here that are a treat for both genders and all orientations. The theme of the anthology
is women protagonists who take charge of their own sexuality and aren’t afraid to employ it.
How can you say no to THAT?
The stories by and large do live up to the promise of the theme of the anthology. No shrinking violets, these, the female protagonists
enjoy sex, and the authors focus on all sorts of aspects of that desire and need, from the dominant, to the kinky to the submissive, to straight
forward lust.
As some of the other reviewers have mentioned, “Confessions of a Kinky Shopaholic” is one of the strongest stories in the set. Bussel herself
includes a sizzling hot story “Whore Complex” that is sharp and strong. “Panther” will make you rethink what you see when you see art sculpture. And what
guy wouldn’t want to be the “Cute Boy” in D L King’s “Let’s Dance”?
Female readers who seek internal sexual fulfillment and empowerment can put themselves in the place of the protagonists. Male readers can delightfully imagine being on the other end of an encounter with Claire, Tracy, Evangeline (God, yes!) and all the others.
Admittedly, if you prefer your erotica to be of characters who are timid, tentative, even virginal, then this collection of erotica is not for you. This collection
of erotica is like a chipotle pepper–smoky, warm, sizzling, hot and daring for you to take a bite–if you dare!
Will you?
Fast Girls: Erotica for Women