Brief thoughts on Five Guys

Brief thoughts on Five Guys Burgers and Fries

I had heard many things about the burger chain. The President and the First lady like their burgers. Friends of mine have told me that they are among the best burgers they have ever eaten. However, Minneapolis is Smashburger country. Could Five Guys really be as good as them?
Tonight, Scott, Dani and I decided to find out.
There are two Five Guys in the area–one near the University Campus and one to the West in Maple Grove. We went to the Maple Grove one.
It was crowded. Finding a table was a challenge. We learned the lore of how to order and the relatively limited menu. Things come plain unless you order a topping–and they have nearly 2 dozen free toppings to choose from.
I ordered a hamburger (which comes with two patties), with mayo, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, pickles and jalapenos. Scott got a bacon cheeseburger with a couple of toppings, including relish, barbeque sauce and grilled mushrooms. Dani got a plain hot dog, which came split (which confused her at first). We also ordered an order of fries, and drinks. It’s a Coca-Cola place, and they did have Barq’s. They also offer Gold Peak tea.
Our discussion and conclusions mainly compared it to Smashburger, our favored premiere burger place. We agreed that the burger qua burger was equal to, if not a little better than the Smashburger. The sheer number of toppings (all free) was a big plus. One downside was the cheese–the only cheese they offer is american, not a big favorite for me and Scott. He did think the cheese was good quality, though.
The fries were a thick cut, thicker than Smashburger. fortunately, although they had a big thick cut (with lots of potato action), the quality of the potato was high. We’re more fans of thinner cut fries, but these were not bad at all. A small order of fries feeds two, a large order feeds three. Oh, and Scott and I approved of the fact that they had malt vinegar available in addition to ketchup.
The limited menu is a downside, but that seems to be their paradigm. They concentrate on burgers and fries (with hot dogs) and they certainly know their stuff. If they had more choices for cheese, Scott and I agree that they would be clearly better than Smashburger; their product is superior to an American cheese smashburger on the basis of toppings and slightly superior quality.
Yes, I think we will definitely go again. If they were as equally close to us as Smashburger, it would be a tough decision if we were in the mood for burgers one day as to which one to go to.