I’m all ears: The Podcasts I listen to

So Meera Barry, of Portal Doctor E fame, asked me:
Hey, why don’t you do a post sometime (when you get internet availability again) about the podcasts you listen to, the ones you stopped listening to (and why) and all that?
Especially since I am going to make my debut as a guest irregular on a podcast soon, I figured it was time.
So here goes:

These are the podcasts I regularly listen to:
Notes from Coode Street
Locus luminaries, anthologists and reviewers Jonathan Strahan and Gene Wolfe talk about science fiction, fantasy and things tied into it. They started it on a lark, and its not highly polished. It’s like listening to two SF veterans in a bar at a con range back and forth. Sometimes they have guests, but the majority of their podcasts and the true unfiltered experience is just the two gentlemen chatting for an hour a week.
Adventures in Scifi Publishing: Led by Shaun Farrell and Moses Siregar, this podcast interviews authors and F/SF figures, with an emphasis (but by no means dogmatically so) on getting published in the field.
I should be Writing: The irrepressible Mighty Mur Lafferty has a very personal podcast, where she talks about her writing efforts, the craft of writing, and chats with authors and publishers, and more.
Writing Excuses. This is a deliberately short 15 minute podcast run by Brandon Sanderson, Howard Taylor and Dan Wells. They focus exclusively, like a laser, on the nuts and bolts of writing. They may claim they aren’t that smart, but they are being facetious. Very facetious.
The Functional Nerds. Patrick Hester and John Anealio. One’s a author, podcaster and producer. One’s a SF themed musician. Together, they fight crime! Actually, together, this dynamic duo focus on all things genre, from books to movies.
The SF Signal Podcasts. Powered by the aforementioned Patrick Hester, this is really two strains of podcast in one. One strain is interviews with figures in the SF field ranging from publishers to authors. The other strain is roundtable panels discussions of a topic du jour, featuring a rotating number of the SF Signal podcast contributors.
History of Rome Done by Mike Duncan, the History of Rome podcast, now well over 100 episodes, has been covering Rome from the legendary founding, and is now dealing with Constantine, c. 300 AD. I found out about it too late, but the History of Rome community is going to Italy and Turkey this spring on a guided tour…
I would probably listen to more podcasts, but I happen to live in MN, with some of the best public radio in the nation. (Something I really notice when I head out of Minnesota). Listening to MPR’s programming often cuts into my podcast listening time…