My first foray into Kurdish Cuisine

After I went to the Science Museum on Saturday (as part of a work sponsored event), I then decided to branch out yet again, cuisine wise.
This time I went to a small family restaurant in St. Paul called Babani’s.
The cuisine they serve…Kurdish.
Babani’s claims to be the first Kurdish restaurant in the United States. I don’t know the truth of that claim, but it was certainly the first time I’d ever heard of a restaurant specializing in Kurdish cuisine. Turkish, Iranian, Syrian, and even Iraqi, yes. Kurdish, no.
What I had, for my first foray was, as described in the menu:
“2- Kubey Sawar – Crushed wheat made into a dough and
filled with lean ground beef, spices, and onion then
sauteed in olive oil. This dish was first made famous
in Nineveh – Modern day Mosul, Iraq.
I had a choice of soup or salad. I chose soup:
Dowjic – Chicken, yogurt, rice basil and lemon juice. This
soup’s tangy bite has traditionally kept many a Kurdish
traveler from wondering too far from home.
The food wasn’t extraordinary, and not too different than other middle eastern cuisine I’ve had, although I admit the soup was a tangy, sour surprise. I wanted more of that when I was done! The Kubey Sawar’s weren’t spectacular, but they were certainly tasty enough.
Its not in a location that encourages me to visit often, but anyone who is already in downtown St. Paul might want to try it in order to get a taste of a cuisine not really well known on these shores.