Sic Transit Borders

I’ve always liked Borders.
One of my favorite bookstores, before it was destroyed, was the Borders at the base of the World Trade Center in NYC. I remember back in the 80’s when I wanted my cousin, who was taking us to the top of the WTC at the time, to let me buy a book there…
When I lived in California, the nearest bookstore to me was the Borders at a shopping mall a short bus ride away. With a movie theater and restaurants there, going to that mall for book shopping, movie watching and a meal was a lot of fun…
In Minnesota, I began to watch the slide and fall of Borders with sadness. I slowly transferred my affections to B&N as the Borders visibly and irrevocably lost their quality. I resisted for a long time, because of the goodwill that Borders had built up over the years.
And now it is all gone. And we will all be poorer for it.
Rest in Peace, Borders. You will be missed.