Happy Birthday SF Signal

“Boswell. Nigel Boswell. 006. You know what that means?”
“Of course! It means you are one away from the big time. ”
–Clive Owen and Steve Martin, The Pink Panther

Sf Signal, which along with the Functional Nerds has kindly took me in these past few months and given me a larger forum for my reviews, columns and other things, turns 8 years old today.
It is indeed the “big time”. As I mentioned on twitter recently, theoretically, thanks to those two sites, I am now eligible to be nominated for “Best Fan Writer” for a Hugo award. I have no prayer to ever be nominated, and there are much better and more erudite writers at both sites anyway, but it amuses me that its a theoretical possibility now.
Anyway, SF Signal allows more people to see what I write, and that makes me happy. Happy Birthday, SF Signal!