Goodbye, Ray Bradbury

You can blame Ray Bradbury and the Martian Chronicles for me being a genre reader.
Sure, my older brother larded me with fantasy and science fiction, but early on, what he handed to me was things like I, Robot, the Hobbit and The Martian Chronicles.
I was hooked, and never looked back.
If there is any justice in the multiverse, Bradbury is having some Dandelion Wine right about now with Heinlein, Asimov and many other worthies in and out of genre. He’d have liked that.
If I had an artistic bent, what I’d love to create would be a genre version of the “mural of authors” you see in Barnes and Noble, showing authors conversing together in a coffee bar of some kind.
Ray Bradbury would definitely be in a genre mural of author, in a pride of place.
Rest in Peace, sir. And, thank you.