Why is Fantasy ascendant over SF?

Sparked by a discussion at Helen Lowe’s Blog:
Why is Fantasy ascendant over SF?
Well, its not because of dystopian SF, this trend has been happening longer than dystopian SF has been popular. But both come from the same source–the state of the world.
Since 2001, the future that seems to be ahead of us in the real world has gotten progressively darker, grittier and less appealing. It’s bee more difficult to come up with an appealing future for SF. While SF is not predictive, the starting conditions have been more and more bleak to work with.
As a result, you get two trends:
1. Dystopian SF, since your initial conditions keep implying that is the future.
2. Fantasy: The way out of the trap, a la the Kobyashi Maru, is to change the rules. Add magic. It can be magic in the real world, which is the simplest solution (UF), or secondary world fantasy.
The other factor why UF is ascendant is that this reflects demographics in the genre community–more female readers, and female readers coming into the genre from paranormal romance.