Gurps Infinite Worlds: Parallel Earth Creation

Gurps Infinite Worlds: Parallel Earth Creation
Because I felt like coming up with Parallel Earths and let the dice decide what comes:
Parallel I
Tech level: TL7 (Nuclear Age 1940-1980’s)
Tech variant: Supers
Superheroes Rule the Earth
1 Civilization
Chinese or Japanese [Pick: Japanese]
Civilization Unity:
So, what we have is One World Japanese State, run by Supers.
So, Japanese Superheroes emerged in the Tokugawa Shogunate. Thought
to be blessed by the Gods, or perhaps children of same, the Westerners
coming to visit in the 16th century got a rude surprise.
By now, the 20th century, Japan rules the Globe. The Shogun
is a Super himself, and so are many of the Samurai.
With the world cowed and under the rule of the Superhero Shogun, what
happens now? Brooding revolution in conquered lands? Conflict between
Supers to rule the Shogunate? Travel to other parallel worlds under
the Shogun’s banner?
Parallel II
Tech Level: TL4 (Age of Sail)
Tech Variant: None
5 Civilizations
Western: Empire with Rivals
Norse: Diffuse
Islamic: Multipolar (4)
Orthodox:Empire with Satellite States
Chinese: Unitary
So, the year is 1500.
Europe is dominated by an Angevin Empire with plenty of rivals from Burgundy to Poland.
The Norse have a bunch of states–Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Vinland. The Norse
reached North America first, and are heavily invested there.
The world of Islam is based around a quartet of Caliphates–from Andalus in the West to the Sultanate of Delhi.
Byzantium survives in this world, an Empire with Satellite states in the Balkans and Russia, too.
The great dynasty of the Song stretches from Tibet and Burma, east to Japan and the Philippines.
Lots of conflict in this world. Byzantium and the Caliphates, Byzantium and the Angevins, the Norse
with everybody, the Islamic states with the Chinese pushing west.