Babylon-5 27 Gallifrey 14

Week 4, 2010

played in Babylon 5

82 degrees, fair, 4 mph wind

Gallifrey Time Lords070714
Babylon 5 Starfuries777627

Scoring Summary
1Q: 06:29 B-5 – Lamont Roberson 3 pass from Howard Shumate (Chad Fremont extra point)
2Q: 14:55 GAL – Freddie Toniolo 22 fumble return (Kelly Alcott extra point)
2Q: 06:39 B-5 – Buddy Epperson 16 run (Chad Fremont extra point)
3Q: 08:38 B-5 – Levon Hughes 9 run (Chad Fremont extra point)
4Q: 05:28 B-5 – Chad Fremont 49 field goal
4Q: 02:40 B-5 – Chad Fremont 27 field goal
4Q: 01:09 GAL – Kurt Doyle 18 pass from Sam Barrett (Kelly Alcott extra point)

Team StatisticsGALB-5
First Downs1316
– by Rushing15
– by Passing1211
– by Penalty00
Total Net Yards211283
– Offensive Plays6365
– Yards per Play3.354.35
Net Rushing Yards38101
– Rushing Attempts2236
– Yards per Rush1.732.81
Net Passing Yards173182
– Att./Comp./Intrcpt37 – 17 – 127 – 18 – 0
– Gross Passing Yards208194
– Sacks/Yards Lost4/352/12
– Yards per Pass Play4.226.28
3rd Down Conversions3/164/15
– Avg. YtG on 3rd Down11.910.3
4th Down Conversions1/20/0
Punt Returns/Yards4/383/32
Kick Returns/Yards5/902/57
Interception Ret./Yards0/01/0
2pt Conversions0/00/0
Red Zone Visits24
– Red Zone TDs/FGs1/03/1
Avg. Drive StartOWN 24OWN 40
Time of Possession25:3934:21

Drive Charts

Gallifrey Time Lords
113:032:00OWN 133-1Punt
16:232:34OWN 3239Punt
11:411:46OWN 4438Punt
212:293:52OWN 33842Fumble
26:231:20OWN 1233Punt
22:582:20OWN 40932Missed FG
315:001:34OWN 203-3Punt
310:351:09OWN 203-15Interception
38:293:26OWN 27730Punt
32:101:09OWN 2733Punt
414:361:15OWN 831Punt
411:431:26OWN 263-15Punt
45:230:59OWN 1840Downs
42:331:33OWN 18882Touchdown
Babylon 5 Starfuries
115:001:57OWN 34415Punt
111:034:40OWN 37863Touchdown
13:492:08OWN 738Punt
214:550:08OWN 2012Fumble
214:472:18OWN 313-4Punt
28:372:14OWN 38562Touchdown
25:032:05OWN 32539Missed FG
20:380:38OWN 3512Half
313:262:51OWN 45515Punt
39:260:57OPP 929Touchdown
35:032:53OWN 20612Punt
31:011:25OWN 30515Punt
413:211:38OWN 373-2Punt
410:174:54OWN 43825Field Goal
44:241:51OPP 1838Field Goal
41:001:00OPP 413-6Game

Game MVP: Howard Shumate, Babylon 5 Starfuries

Rushing Statistics

Blake McNeil
Al Glover940.44700
David Alabaso561.20300
Winfred Toefield273.50500
Harris Winslett166.00600
Lamont Strickland133.00300
Damon Deforne1-1-1.00-100
Babylon 5AttYardsAvgLG10+TD
Buddy Epperson16553.441621
Levon Hughes15402.671411
Tyrone Vaughn382.67400
Howard Shumate2-2-1.00-100

Passing Statistics

Blake McNeil31141644/35035148.3
Sam Barrett63440/01180113.9
Babylon 5AttCompYardsSk/YdTDLGIntRate
Howard Shumate27181942/12126099.9

Receiving Statistics

WR Harris Winslett495914.7515200
WR Jim Sweeney4127318.251350
FB Winfred Toefield35113.67750
RB David Alabaso22199.5010120
TE Lewis Shelton111515.003150
RB Al Glover1333.00030
WR Kurt Doyle131818.007181
TE Cedric Clark111010.000100
TE Dwayne Gardner0100.00000
Babylon 5CatchTargYardsAvgYACLGTD
WR Lamont Roberson576813.608261
FB Tyrone Vaughn343511.6724180
RB Levon Hughes34217.00780
WR Nick Fisk34248.004120
WR Steven Westbrook232613.008210
TE Amos Gossett111818.000180
RB Buddy Epperson1< /TD>322.00420
WR Joel Jefferson0100.00000

Interception Statistics

Babylon 5IntsYardsAvgTD
OLB Heath Johnston100.000

Fumble Statistics

Blake McNeil1000
David Alabaso1000
Freddie Toniolo0101
Eric Coleman0100
Rickey Fryer0010
Babylon 5FumbRecovForceTD
Buddy Epperson1000
David Folsom0100
Claude Shannon0010
Amos Boyd0010

Punting Statistics

Kenny Brady944749.741.7582
Babylon 5PuntYardsAvgNetLGIn20
Reggie Shea732246.037.7555

Kicking Statistics

Kelly Alcott0/10/10/002/2
Babylon 5FGs40+Yd50+YdLGPAT
Chad Fremont< /TD>2/31/20/0493/3

Punt Return Statistics

Al Glover4389.50
Babylon 5RetYardsAvgTD
Buddy Epperson33210.70

Kick Return Statistics

Kurt Doyle59018.00
Babylon 5RetYardsAvgTD
Henry Rodriguez25728.50

Defensive Statistics

S Rickey Fryer1340.03629
ILB Dominic Hardy620.03325
OLB A.J. Dunlap520.02820
DE Riddick Marquardt410.52218
DE Myron Burchett311.02212
S Leon Moss300.0167
CB Marvin Owens220.0917
OLB Marty Hickman220.01912
CB Freddie Toniolo210.0810
ILB Eddie Pannell200.085
DT Dennis Fargas200.01912
DE Kelvin Van Pelt120.52122
CB Danny Blanchard120.02816
ILB Matt Kirk110.034
OLB T.J. Frederick110.089
FB Winfred Toefield10
DT Ronnie Flynn100.02320
CB K.C. Finley100.02726
WR Jim Sweeney10
S Kendrick Kingsley030.02324
DT Vincent Gay020.03428
Babylon 5TackAsstSackRPlayPPlay
OLB Heath Johnston701.02241
S Carlton Connell601.02035
ILB David Folsom610.02028
OLB Dean Borgerson410.0810
S Ethan Robinson320.01831
CB Emmitt Hatcher300.01730
DE Neal Haber211.51430
DE Spencer Craig200.51216
CB Henry Rodriguez220.01023
DE Irving Lynn

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