My 2012 Hugo Nomination Eligibility Post

Yes, as a fan writer and writer in the genre community, I am eligible for *your* nomination for the Hugo awards for Best Fan Writer for 2012.
What have I written that makes me eligible?
I do a lot at SF Signal, from book reviews, interviews, wrangling Mind Melds, participating on the podcast, and my column Roll Perception Plus Awareness:
I also have written plenty of book reviews for The Functional Nerds:
(Both of those sites, by the way are eligible for Best Fanzine)
I am also one of the co-hosts of the Skiffy and Fanty Show:
I’ve written a couple of things here and there elsewhere. Most Notably:
“The Stress of their Regard”, on book reviewing, at Kate Elliott’s blog:
“In Praise of Griffins” at Mhairi Simpson’s Blog

“The Unwritten Stories in My Head” at Mhairi Simpson’s Blog
“The Achilles Heel of Urban Fantasy” at Bastard Books:
I would be honored by you casting a vote for my nomination.