The Scientific Conspiracy

When I first saw the TV miniseries V, I thought the idea of the aliens making it seem that scientists were engaged in a conspiracy against the world to be ludicrous. That was unbelievable, I thought. That just smacked of stupidity–what would they hope to gain? (the answer in the show seemed pat and unconvincing)
Climate change and the debate around it have proved me wrong. Be it Theodore Beale, or Sarah Hoyt or a random publicity agent for the Koch brothers, there is a stratum of people who believe climate scientists are trying to control us all, or bring us to the dark ages, or are just deluded.
People WANT to believe they don’t have to change. People WANT to believe untrue things if its advantageous for them to do so. (You don’t have to stop burning oil, it’s okay!). Ignore all the climate scientists are telling you. Keep calm and pollute on.
Does every species end its civilization like this, in the throes of greed and self interest?