The Travels of Mr. Weimer, 2014 Edition

2014 was a tough year on a number of fronts, starting off with the loss of one of my two best friends to Influenza. It was also a year of wonders and adventures as well, in terms of travel, exceeding 2013 in that regard.

I slept here, 2014 edition:

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Ashland, Wisconsin
Starucca, Pennsylvania
London, UK
Carmel, Indiana

First Trip to the Ice Caves of Wisconsin. First visit to an Island by means of an ice highway (Madeline Island)
Second Trip to London and First in over 20 years
First World Science Fiction Convention (Loncon3)
First visit to Stonehenge, Bath

2014 Cardinal Directions
Furthest North: London, England
Furthest East: London, England
Furthest South: Carmel, Indiana
Furthest West: Itasca State Park
Highest Above Sea Level (excluding airplanes): 1555 feet, Oberg Mountain
Lowest Above Sea Level: 50 feet Below Sea Level, London Underground

Conventions Attended:
4th Street Fantasy
Worldcon (Loncon3)