Happy New Year. Jan 1,2016

2016 is here already. Yikes.

Tempus Fugit, and I am not getting any younger.

2015 was very up and down. I went to Rome at last! I came back to work to layoffs. I got entangled fully into the Puppies and the Hugos, which made more people pay attention to me–for good and for ill. I worked at being a better photographer, better reviewer, better podcaster. I then tried to disentangle myself from the Puppies, for my mental health

On Christmas, a Google Alert brought home to me the idea that even if I don’t pay attention to certain individuals, like James “Feminism is destroying SF!” May, they still pay attention to me. And I’ve gotten another new one, to start the new year.



(Okay, that’s Trajan, not Caligula)

But my life is my own. I hope to travel more, do more, be more. We’ll see how it goes.