2015 in Movies

A post by request of the QT3 crew. I am a frequent and avid listener of their podcast.

I didn’t watch as many movies in the theater in 2015 as I usually do. This has limited my list making somewhat, but here are my favorite/best movies of 2015:

7. Dragon Blade: It came out in the US in 2015, anyway. A weird fantastical mashup, Chinese versus Romans on the Silk Road, with Jackie Chan, Adrien Brody and John Cusack. It’s gorgeous to watch.

6. Ant-Man: The better of the two Marvel movies by a decent shot. Its a story we’ve seen before, but well told. Could have been better, but was lots of fun.

5. It Follows: I’m not a horror guy, but I was encouraged to see this one by a lot of people, and boy I was glad I did.

4. Star Wars: the Force Awakens: The movie that brought me back into Star Wars. No small feat. Seen it three times.

3. Sicario: The Drug war on the Mexico border, with Emily Blunt as an agent in over her head, and a really good performance from Benicio Del Toro.

2. Ex Machina: AI, the nature of consciousness, ethics, the male gaze, hidden agendas. And so much more. Its a gorgeous film, and the three leads carry the film and make it work beautifully.

1. Mad Max Fury Road: I was blown away by this film. The Skiffy and Fanty crew loved it too. and I also wrote about it as an RPG.