Repeal the 19th Amendment. NO, sir!

On his blog, John C Wright muses about repealing the 19th Amendment, the Amendment to the US Constitution guaranteeing the vote to women.

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Perhaps if women did not vote, they could see to the environment, the schools, and the poor through the institutions of the Church, which are better suited to charitable activity and feminine compassion than the hard and harsh swords and balances of townhall.

So, perhaps if women didn’t vote, they would see to other civic matters. Leave that grotty business of government to men.

No. HELL, NO. Disenfranchisment of women does not do them any favors. Women less suited to conflict? Suggesting that it then follows that abrogation of their political rights is a good thing does not follow, counselor.

9 thoughts on “Repeal the 19th Amendment. NO, sir!”

  1. WOmen less suited to conflict? What of the Amazons? Of Boudicca? Of Alice Paul? Of Maggie Thatcher…? (for that matter, more subtly, Lysistrata?)

    And I”ll hang on to my vote, thank’ee, Mr Wright. if you don’t mind. Because if you and your ilk try to yank it you’ll probably see just how suited for conflict women really are.

    1. Does the same apply to the Second? Can we keep our guns? If you and your ilk try to yank them we can show you how suited for conflict we really are?

  2. Does he realize how insulting his logic is to both women who can certainly handle harsh environments as much as men can. AND men who can be compassionate and work in charity just as well as women! I can’t honestly believe that someone said this: On purpose. In public.


  3. Each time I think my opinion of Mr. Wright can’t sink any lower, he proves me wrong.

    And there really isn’t a counter argument to his post, because you can’t argue with people who wish we all still lived in the 15th century, when men were men and women were chattel, constantly pregnant, and Church doctrine was the law of the land.

    As if women would EVER give up the right to vote. Hah! Pigs–and misogynists–will sprout wings first.

    The really sad part is I know he posts this crap for the attention it brings him–for life as a world famous manly author isn’t enough–and here I am, giving him attention.

    Sorry to get sarcasm all over your blog.

  4. Lord a mercy. This dipshit thinks women can’t handle politics, so we should confine ourselves to schools and charity work? Has he ever been to a PTA meeting? A gardening club? A fundraiser for band uniforms? Any woman who can run the homemade jam judging at the county fair without getting shanked by one of the competitors can run the fucking country.

  5. I’m in local government in the UK, and whilst there aren’t enough female councillors that is gradually changing. I stood for election because I couldn’t bear some of the injustices I was seeing, and wanted to do something to mitigate them. It’s precisely because of compassion that I got involved. But I’ll cop to loving a good argument, and being up for a political fight when necessary – these things are my bread and butter. I’ve plenty of female colleagues who feel the same way.

    I’d write a rebuttal of Wright, but he’s really not worth anyone’s attention and I have council to prepare for.

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