Self Defense and John C Wright

A quote for today

In the rightwing view, each man is or should be mature and able to defend himself. More than this, it is his duty to defend himself and his family. The role of the police is limited to avenging wrongs after they are done, not preventing them. Police are not bodyguards and have no enforceable, legal duty to protect citizens.

_ John C Wright

I disagree. What of those citizens who have no capacity or talent for self defense? Not everyone is a Heinleinian uber competent. And this doesn’t even get into physically challenged citizens. So, a blind head of household should be able to defend himself and his family or else he’s a failure as a man and a citizen?

The post talks about examining assumptions and a failure on the left to do so. The same might be said of you, John.

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  1. Wow. The role of uniformed law enforcement is most certainly, first and foremost, preventing crime.

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