My Schedule at Convergence 2017

I am happy to be an invited participant at Convergence again this year. Here’s where to find me:

Robert Heinlein’s Works

Heinlein was a very successful and very prolific writer from science fiction’s golden age. He wrote books, short stories, and even a fantasy novel. Come discuss his works and methods. Panelists: Bridget Landry, Paul Weimer, Dave Walbridge (mod), Tim Lieder, Sean Berry

Saturday, July 8

Ancillary Justice

Ancillary Justice is a about a ship, in human form, getting justice for its murder. Come discuss the trilogy. Panelists: Haddayr Copley-Woods, Michael Shappe, Paul Weimer, Sarah O’Connor (mod)

David Lynch’s Dune

What did Lynch get right and what did he get wrong in his filmed version of the Frank Herbert Classic? Let’s talk about it. Panelists: Paul Weimer, Kris Coulter, Norman Cates, Scott Lynch (mod), Michael Carus

Sunday, July 9

Flash Gordon (1980)

Let’s talk about the sole sci-fi entry from director Mike Hodges. How did the film get made? How did Queen come to do the soundtrack? Panelists: Kevin Eldridge, Paul Weimer, Kyle Dekker (mod), Garrick Dietze