2017 Travels, Travails and Traverses: My Travel year

2017, a banner year for me traveling. I thought 2016 was hard. I had no idea what 2017 was going to be.

Major Trips:

Well, the Down Under Fan Fund allowed me to take a Trip to New Zealand and Australia. That was huge.

I also went to Worldcon in Helsinki, Finland. Not a place I ever expected to WANT to go, but I was enchanted by the city and its environs.

Those two huge trips dominated the year, quite frankly. I made a day trip now and again to places like the North Shore…

…and the St Croix valley…

…and the Minnesota River Valley…

New Records:
Furthest South: Wellington, New Zealand.
Furthest West: Warrnambool, Australia.
Furthest North: Helsinki, Finland
Furthest East: Helsinki, Finland

New Capitals Visited:
And yes, I ate at a McDonalds in each.

Onto 2018!