It’s all about me

in the Shadow of Greatness
Inspired by Arref Mak’s entry, who was himself inspired by Dave, I present a short “all about me”. I understand that I can be opaque to those who have never met me, or clear as glass…

I am not quite sure if I like me. This is progress, I used to not like me at all
I’m older than I look, and older than I sometimes realize.
I have no significant other; my last and greatest attempt at the same went down in flames.
One day I will really detail the tragic loss of yet another significant other
My degree is Biology, although I have not yet made use of it
I’ve now lived in three very different states…of the union, that is.
I read voraciously. In fiction, its 95% SF and Fantasy, in nonfiction, science with strong infusions of history.
I like to go watch movies. I trend toward SFish films, but have watched everything from horror to romantic comedy.
My brother got me into Role playing games when I was in my teens, and I haven’t stopped. I began GMing early, and some might argue I GM better than I play.
I love to watch the nighttime sky. Thank Carl Sagan for that.
I don’t cook well, but I am trying to learn.
I want to see a Glacier up close and personal.
I am a strong believer in the rights to free speech and thought.
I am shy with strangers, and gregarious with people that I know well.
The most common words I say are “I’m sorry”
I never give myself enough credit. Everyone that knows me well tells me so.
I wish that I could write well.
I love to explain things to you. Get me started, and getting me to shut up is the trick.
Somewhere, in some bizarre alternate distant universe, this is all a television show. Not that it makes any difference.