Role Call 20: Homegrown Settings

Roll the Bones: Role Call 20
In what homegrown setting have you had the most fun, and why?

I’ve missed a few Role Calls recently, not having much to say about them, but this one I will get back into the swing of things.
The most fun I’ve had in a homegrown setting as a player has to be the Empire of the Gleaming Banner, as developed by Arref Mak. A setting developed for the Amber universe, but featuring PCs who were (primarily) not Amberites at all, it extended and developed my roleplaying skills to be in such a rich and diverse world. It’s not the usual “place” for Amber games to be set in, but it is richer for that.
Archard, my scion of the Empire’s royal family, is still one of my most memorable characters, and the backstories and character development done resonate with me today. As good and detailed as the website is for information, it itself pales to the actual experience of playing in the world. Arref’s imagination in developing a shadow (and its satellites) as fully realized as, say, Amber, is outstanding.
If he were to visit the Empire again at Ambercon, I would have no hesitation in signing up.

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  1. Thanks, Paul.
    It never occurred to me that “EGB” might qualify as “homegrown” since its principles and backstory are based on canon material… but in retrospect, it is so different in perspective as to be a distinct world.
    Always nifty to get a chance to think about it all from a different perspective.

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