Scrupulous Honesty

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been closing out my California based checking and savings account, in favor of a bank closer to my new home. I had thought that I had removed all of the money, so that Washington Mutual would not need to bother with any remitter checks.
It turns out that I was wrong. I received a remitter check yesterday for the balance of my closed out W.A. Account…
…it was a grand total of $0.01.
I wouldn’t have missed it. Talk about scrupulous honesty!

One thought on “Scrupulous Honesty”

  1. When I took Career Transitional Leave from GM in 1993 (wow 10 years ago this August) my last paycheck from them was for $0.01 as well. They apparently made an error and corrected it by sending me an extra check for the penny. In both cases, yours and mine, it cost significantly more than that penny to send us the check. Honest – yes, but sad too.

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