WISH 49: Winning

Perverse Access Memory: WISH 49: Winning
Is there a way to win or lose in a roleplaying game? Are you in competition with other players, NPCs, or the GM? What are the rewards for winning or the penalties for losing? Do you feel like your characters have to �win� to enjoy a game?

It depends on the game, but in a very real sense, the trite and hoary cliche of “Having fun is winning” is true for me.
Am I enjoying the roleplaying? Do I feel like I am an active member of the troupe, or, more commonly from a GM standpoint, is the troupe having fun? Then I consider that a victory and winning, first and foremost.
That said, however, a tangible goal achieved, or in a literal sense a “win” helps reach that sort of fun level. Slay the dragon, find the princess, stop the returned Elders from using that weird River against Amber, achieving goals both personal and private help contribute to a “win”.
I hate hopeless situations and games. Give me a chance to go for the gold, even if it is something just for my character, and I am happy. Or, if my players as a GM are having fun and enjoyed my scenario or campaign, then I as the GM have “won”.

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  1. The part about hating hopeless situations and games is what I was trying to get at with my own answer.
    I’ve played in a couple of games (no names, please, and the one I’m really thinking of is not the one you may think it is) where there was no way to win and no way to break even. Gaming isn’t thermodynamics, so you can imagine what ultimately happened.

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