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Books for Summer Reading
*This entry has been edited because apparently at least one person (Hi Karen) cannot read the NY Times page. See the extended entry for the four books that the NY Times says is good SF summer reading.
As usual, the NY Times has their Summer Reading lists up, and four SF books make the cut this time.

Anyway…quoting from the source:
AYE, AND GOMORRAH. By Samuel R. Delany. (Vintage, paper, $14.) A superb selection of short fiction by a writer who, at the age of 61, has negotiated the passage from boy wonder to grand old man of science fiction with enviable grace. Includes the 10 short stories found in ”Driftglass,” his 1971 anthology, plus five previously uncollected stories and a brief essay on the craft of fiction that should go on the short list of required reading for would-be writers.
EVOLUTION. By Stephen Baxter. (Del Rey/Ballantine, $25.95.) In a work of outrageous ambition, Baxter sets out to dramatize the grand sweep of primate development, from a rodentlike Eve scrabbling for survival in the dinosaur-dominated forests of North America 65 million years ago to an imagined whimper 500 million years in the future. He comes closer to succeeding than seems humanly possible.
THE RISEN EMPIRE: Book One of Succession. By Scott Westerfeld. (Tor/ Tom Doherty, $24.95.) Literate space opera in the tradition of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series and Frank Herbert’s Dune books. With a light touch all his own, Westerfeld illumines the clash of mighty galactic empires by focusing on individuals who, despite the distractions of war and politics, cannot help falling in love. The suspenseful tale will be completed in a sequel.
THINGS THAT NEVER HAPPEN. By M. John Harrison. (Night Shade Books, $27; paper, $15.) This cleverly titled collection of short stories, arranged chronologically by date of composition, tracks the maturation of a writer who has learned to use the conceits of science fiction, fantasy and horror fiction to expose the follies and sorrows of the human condition.

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  1. Which four books would these be? You got my interest piqued when you mentioned Baxter. I wondered if this would be the same Stephen Baxter I have on my bookshelf or a different Baxter?
    The page you linked to is some kind of login page, and as I don’t have a login, I couldn’t see the list of four books you are talking about.

  2. With the advance she has already recieved, a certain british female author JKR has offically more money than the Queen of England, and is the 4th or so richest woman in the world.
    Her lastest book, due out June 20th is longer than The Lord of the Rings trilogy combined and sales of which will probibly allow her to print her own money, just to save time.
    Unable myself to afford the initial public offering, whoops I mean first day sales of the hard cover, I will have to wait untill one of my freinds has finished reading it (twice at leaste)before I will get a peek.
    Nice to know people will be reading something other than scar-brat.

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