New entrant into the Blogoverse

The Non-Euclidian Staircase
And Mr. Gulick, especially but not solely of “Nine Princes in Hong Kong” fame, opens up his own Blog.
So go pay him a visit now, too.
It does seem to me that, even given problems of Blog types and compatibility, that a lot of the Amber lights have migrated or at least opened up Blogs in addition to their other projects.

One thought on “New entrant into the Blogoverse”

  1. Blogging vs. mailing lists is a topic I’ve discussed in the past. It’s a lot easier to not deal with objectionable people on a blog than it is in a mailing list environment, and one objection doesn’t shut down a conversation on/among blogs the way it can on a mailing list.
    While I found that the AML had improved in quality during my last period of lurking there (no copyright flame threads, thank $DEITY), I still think it’s too heavy in groupthink. I get a lot of positive and useful feedback on things I post to my blog or to Shadows of Amber (and I expect to out of the Roll the Bones foum, once it hits a critical mass). I may not agree with everything posted on those boards, but at least I can’t predict the responses.

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