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Peverse Active Memory on Blog visitors and links
Ginger talks about who reads her blog, links to it and all that stuff. Its a natural sort of thought for the blogging world. After all, its not just the content, but the crossplay between blogs.
She also points me to Technorati and an analysis of my own blog there reveals just a dozen inbound links. I never thought (or think) of myself as a hotspot of the blogging world anyway, BJS is pretty much a backwater. Some might say its a vanity thing, even.
On the other hand, a discussion with Jim the other day revealed that my blog, and in particular my entry on the unhappy player, became a topic of conversation during the last TKC game. So, a few people certainly read my blog, but I am willing to bet its an insular set. But that’s okay, if I had LOTS of readers, I might get writer’s block/stage fright anyhow. I’ll leave “popularity” and recognition to those who truly deserve it, both in our circle, and in the blogging world in particular.

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  1. You might be surprised to find out who reads your blog if you asked the same question. (I’m surprised and interested by some of the entries so far, and expect I will continue to be.)
    What little experience I have with blog popularity is that it’s a pain in the butt. I am interested in treating the people I meet through blogging as people. Sometimes I think this makes me unsuitable to run a popular blog, especially in the political blogging world. (If I blogged all politics all the time, I’d have to close comments for sanity’s sake. Some people are real jerks.)
    You run a relatively noncontroversial blog, so I doubt any of your content makes people want to stop reading your blog. No names please, but at least one Amber blogger whose name you’d recognize quit WISHing and reading my blog because sie disagrees with my politics, and I with hirs.
    Oh, and you never did tell us how the SB thing came out. I’m curious about how other GMs handle these things, so I’m interested in the conclusions you came to and what changes, if any, you’re considering making for the future.

  2. This is something I have been curious about, but it’s slightly off this topic thread. Since I am an SB alumni, I wonder if there is anything you had wished you had done differently as a GM?
    For example.. and I am **NOT** picking on anyone with this remark.. I know that there are NPC’s who are in everyones background to the point that they vary wildly in personality and must have a time machine.
    Another example is a lot of the detailed background which may or may not make you feel hemmed in.. And I am as guilty of that as anyone else, with a huge unpublished series of backstories (though I know others have done this too- I’m not competeting with anyone, but interested in the effect it’s had on Paul’s gming).
    You have a tremendous responsibility to try to reconcile one tone of material in one cohesive storyline.. at least within a certain degree- given you finally had to issue the disclaimer that the truth is somewhere in the middle.
    To repeat the question- is there anything that you’d do differently given the chance?

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