So who DOES read my blog?

In a comment, Ginger posited:
You might be surprised to find out who reads your blog if you asked the same question. (I’m surprised and interested by some of the entries so far, and expect I will continue to be.)
So, let me ask, then. Who are you people, who read my Blog, and why? I can bet just about no one reads the football entries, but what do you read my Blog for, anyhow? (considering its a veritable trail mix of things). And what do you think about me, Paul “Jvstin” Weimer, based on this thing that I call Blog, Jvstin Style?

10 thoughts on “So who DOES read my blog?”

  1. I started reading the blog for gaming/Amber materials and now I just read it to find out how you’re doing and what you have to say.
    I have this weird habit of treating people on the net like actual human beings. I suspect I’m not quite sociopathic enough to do really well on the internet. 😉
    I know that football is one of Texas’ national religions, but I am a heretic from that church. So, nope, I really don’t read the football posts (just like I don’t read the baseball posts on a bunch of my baseball-loving friends’ blogs).

  2. I started reading here just after Ambercon 2003. I was in your Wizard in the Attic game, which I really enjoyed. I liked the way you rol(l)ed us into the scenario. I’m grinning as I think of Rapmaster ‘B’.
    I like you too. Anyway, Djinn had been reading your blog for quite some time and now that I’d met you under such wonderful circumstances I wanted to follow you, see how you were doing, worry for you and hope for you.
    Whether or not you think you ‘deserve’ it. You are ‘popular’, although not in the sense you used in the previous post, and many of us recognize it.

  3. I’ve been a regular reader.
    Knowing that you are so far away, wanting to see great things come your way, I come by often, just to feel connected. I don’t have the “online” chat time I used to, and your blog keeps me up to speed with the more personal side of Jvstin.
    Then there is the chance of collaboration.
    I find some of the best ideas need a large investment of time, and some exchange with others interested in the subject matter.
    This had led to many good things in my own gaming.

  4. I think I got to you via Arref… but I’m bad with remembering those sorts of things. I still haven’t commented over at Ginger’s because I can’t remember at all how I got there!
    I got attached to this blog because of your science – astronomy – reading interests. They mirror mine in many many ways – my father turned me into a stargazer at a young age, and although I’ve let it go, mostly, it still facinates me.
    Gaming, of course, we also have in common, but really the only blog I read specifically for gaming stuff is Arref’s – everyone else has something I want more. (Not to say Arref doesn’t interest me in all his facets, he just talks about gaming and gaming related stuff much more than everyone else.)
    But I don’t feel like I know you through the blog. I feel like we’re good aquaintances – I’ve met you, I know a little of your history, we share friends. And you’re open in a wonderful way, so I do feel like I know you better through your blog than I get to know most other bloggers.

  5. Hello Paul,
    I read this blog because you are my friend and I like to keep in touch with friends. So many friends are far away, I think this is a wonderful way of keeping up-to-date with what’s going on in your life.
    From a secondary standpoint, as a GM, I think it’s a good idea to read ideas of other GMs. There’s no right or wrong, because every GM is unique. I love finding out about the way the world works in another game. It keeps you fresh, interested, and helps you expand as a GM.

  6. Hey, you use Lessima. The least I can do is read the blog. [laughing] Plus, I always like to see the “personal” side of the people I play with… and even if I don’t watch [football], I can certainly appreciate a healthy enthusiasm for it. Plus, you’re helping fill out my “books to read” list. I only pick new ones up on recommendation anymore.

  7. I’m a regular reader; I’ve even been known to comment. Of course, you _link_ to my blog, which is an incentive for me to keep coming back 🙂

  8. I started reading for your gaming stuff. But I stick around for lots of things like your science links, book reviews, and just to see how you’re doing. I enjoy your writing.

  9. I read!
    I read your Blogg as much as I read any of them.. which is that some weeks I am better than others.. but you through a great little party here Paul. You should feel good about it, it’s quality stuff.

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