Melancholia of Disappointing Players II

Well, since a couple of people have asked in comments how the “situation” is going, I will share.
Well, I feel a bit better, I’ve calmed myself down. I do work myself up in a lather sometimes, as anyone who has spent real time with me can attest. I am not going to be bloodthirsty and kill off Hadrian, although that whole line of conversation did give me an idea, though, and I am going to run with that.
As far as the issues brought up in the Epistle of the unhappy player to the GM, they are still there, and I will try and keep them in mind. Even if the criticism is not useful per se, the next time a scene like the Fount comes around, I will try and catch myself. Some of the personal concerns addressed–I will try and work on.
Oh, and I ordered that Robin Laws book. I have to thank Ginger for mentioning it. I sort of knew it existed, but since it seems to be so well received, I will bite the bullet. Besides, I’m overdue from ordering a “care package” from Amazon 🙂

2 thoughts on “Melancholia of Disappointing Players II”

  1. You’re welcome for the recommendation. I’d been meaning to reread it, but hadn’t been able to find it until we cleaned out.
    If you think your player has a legitimate beef, you should listen. But not all beefs are legitimate, and sometimes you may need to stand your ground to be fair to other players.

  2. I don’t know all the circumstances surrounding the situation, but it sort prompted me to pose the question I did last night.
    SB is huge with background, and that’s the way it is.. You can’t do much about that.
    But does the material sometimes make adjudicating a large scenes difficult- especially when you’re striving to be true to the PC’s and the NPC’s as well as be true to the story?

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