More stuff on books(Book Review VI)

Surfing a bit here as I work today, I can across an entry back in May from Kevin Drum on his Blog, aka The Calpundit.
He talks about books and solicits recommendations. I’m really posting here to remember the link so I can clip and save this when I get back home.
I’ve finished my latest book, MOONFALL, by Jack McDevitt and found it a passable quasi-thriller. I don’t think its up to the standard of his archaeological SF (eg. Engines of God or Ancient Shores) but it wasn’t bad, either. Its set in 2024, a presidential election year AND a solar eclipse. And of course, an unexpected, extra-solar comet that is on a collision course for the Moon. Given the equation for kinetic energy is 1/2(M*V*V), the fact that this comet is coming at a train-wreck speed spells curtains for the Moon…and of course the fracturing of the Moon can’t be good for the Earth. It’s one of those books in the LUCIFER’S HAMMER mold, a large cast, characters killed off left and right. For those who like that sort of genre, I recommend it, but otherwise you don’t “need” to go and read this book.
An interesting line from the book I have now started:
“Something was lost, long, long ago, before the beginnings of history.”
“Few remain who would recognize it, fewer still who would know the secret of it’s use.”

Sounds like a good opening for a fantasy scenario (be it Amber or otherwise), don’t you think?