Wish 57: System, Setting Style

Perverse Access Memory: WISH 57: System, Setting, Style, and Play
Ginger asks this week:
Do you find that you play differently when you play in different game systems?

Usually, no, I tend to play the same spectrum of characters (with some exceptions), and that tends to be game-independent. Be it Phocas, my illusionist in D&D, Marcus and Lorius in Amber, Dr. Denton in COC, most of my characters are more men of thought than action. Not an absolute, of course…Arkantos from last ACUS was much more of a martial sort of guy.
Now, admittedly, some systems have influenced my characters away from my usual baseline. VTM characters, Werewolf characters, the last superhero (not really set on any rules) that I did…the games style and genre lend themselves toward different kinds of characters.
And yet, especially when rules are out of the window (Bete Noire), I usually fall back to a stratum, a cake layer of character types. But not always. I once did a version of Scipio who was quite at odds with his usual style–and to this day, Scott calls Scipio “The Evil One”, since his only exposure to my character was in that context as a villain.

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  1. Scipio isn’t evil?
    Rifles through files, checking…
    Oh. Okay. Checks a mark on file.

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