MB&LK’s Amber Bits: Houses of Lessima
Meera talks a little bit about Lessima Houses and their specialties. Many of you know that I have enthusiastically taken the Lessima idea and put it in my own games…

IMC, Lessima went renegade on their own volition and fully aware of what they were doing. They are shapeshifters supreme, and feel that the Logrus is dangerous and pernicious, not worth the cost.
And so, they broke away from Chaos, and began a Civil War. And managed to win their independence in the process. Decamping to a inhospitable region of the Black Zone, there they have been ever since, hatching their plots and schemes.
I admit, though, that Lessima has been on the back burner in SB for quite some time. The major PC who got wrapped up in Lessima turned out to be the “crazy Chaosian” Antar, who made the fatal mistake of mouthing off to the Serpent.
So Lessima has not been very active in the SB universe. Although…reading Meera’s entry, I *could* do a one shot that would bring them front and center, perhaps at the next ACUS. A germ of an idea is already in my mind, but I will have to think on this.
I even have a title:
“The Enemy of my Enemy…”

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