Role Call 27: Verboten

Roll the Bones: Role Call 27: Verboten!
James asks:
If you were somehow forbidden from playing with your favorite system, genre or setting, what would you substitute?

Well, I guess my favorite system, genre and setting would be the one I play almost all of my RP, and that’s Amber.
So, no Amber, eh?
Well, a number of choices as to what I would game instead:
Nobilis. I’d just borrow the Olson’s copy and run with it. Find myself a game or start a game of my own, and see how it goes.
Wait for Monte Cook’s Arcana Unearthed. It looks rather interesting, his “alternate” D20 player’s handbook. I am waiting for it to come out so that I can pick up a copy. I have some D20 stuff, so it wouldn’t be hard for me to play, or again, run something.
Roll my own Space Opera:
Okay, the most ambitious idea would be to simply adapt a system (or use something like the Narrative System Jack and Jeanne created). I would do a Space Opera universe, inspired by the likes of Alastair Reynolds, Peter F. Hamilton and the like. It would be Traveller-esque in the sense that the PCs could be anyone they wanted to be.
Funny, though, I guess I am more of a GM than a player. Notice how my three ideas immediately turned toward ideas for me to GM as well (or more likely to GM than) as play

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