Role Call 28: Unusual Settings

Roll the Bones: Role Call 28: Unusual settings
James asks:
What’s the most unusual setting in which your game has been set, and what makes it so unusual?
Update: Modified slightly to take James’ comment into account. I guess I do reuse the same old phrases and disclaimers, no matter how shopworn. My bad, as usual.

Hmm, a tricky question.
Certainly the Empire of the Gleaming Banner is unusual in Amber terms–a fully realized and fleshed out region of shadow which is independent of Amber and Chaos and has mores, goals, thought-patterns and dreams all of its own. Archard is a scion of that Empire. He doesn’t think his world is unusual…but any of my other Amber characters, dropped into the ATEC universe, might disagree. (one in particular, Scipio, I think would try and get an Ambassadorial posting to the Empire any way he could; he’d relish the diversity)

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  1. There’s the forbidden phrase again: “what you take to mean.” All statements are subject to interpretation by the listener, so it’s somewhat redundant to point that out. Also, the question itself provides for a definition of unusual by asking what makes the specified setting unusual from your perspective.

  2. Jeez Louise, Bones – I didn’t know this was an essay class, complete with ‘forbidden’ word usage.
    This comment doesn’t make me eager to jump into the fishpond again any time soon. I have an aversion to combining cattle prods and water.

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